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The Process

The process involves using raw, pharmaceutical grade drugs and combining them with other active or inactive ingredients along with the most appropriate vehicle for administration of product. 

Extreme care is taken to ensure that the highest quality, accuracy and safety are maintained throughout the process. 

Common dosage forms include creams, suspensions (liquids), capsules, suppositories and troches (lozenge) to best treat the condition and the patient. 


Compounding 101:

The purpose of compounding a medication is to find a solution for nuanced problems a patient may experience that isn't solved by manufactured drugs. For example, creating a liquid form for an infant when ones doesn't already exist, or compounding a cream as an alternative to oral pain or hormone medication to avoid potential side effects and optimize therapy.


Would compounding help you?

At Roden-Smith Pharmacy, we most commonly make compounds as a treatment for hormone replacement therapy or for pain management. Please see the chart below for reference and talk to you doctor about the possiblity of using a compounded medication to improve your current treatment.

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