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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Personal fast service"

"All of the above"

"Always very friendly and helpful. Faster than any other pharmacy by leaps and bounds."

"Friendly staff and experience."

"Trustworthy, fast, and efficient"

"Locally owned"

"No long lines and can usually get meds faster than most."

"It's just awesome."

"Fast and efficient"

"It's easy to get in and out without any hassles! Super friendly!"



"Locally owned and operated. Small town values."


"Great staff!"

"The people"

"That it is locally owned and operated. The staff is more like family. Everyone is friendly, smiling, and they take the time to treat people with respect."

"Great service and so helpful !"

"The people that work there"

"Always polite, friendly, and efficient."

"Courteous and professional staff"


"Close to my house"

"I like the way I am treated by the staff!"

"Hometown feel. They know you when you walk in. I enjoy the smiles and laughter."

"Very friendly employees and quick service."

"Home owned and friendly staff"

"Great service!"


"Friendly professional service"

"Friendly staff."

"Local owner"

"Staff is always friendly and personable. Very clean and fast."

"Promptness and willing to help you when problems occur"

"The people!"

"As a new customer, I appreciate how quickly my prescriptions were filled and how nice everyone has been."

"Excellent staff"

"Always friendly staff, the service, and they're prompt."

"I love the online refill option. I can refill my script whenever I think of it."

"The friendliness of the staff and how helpful they are if there's a problem."

"Drive thru"

"Friendly service"

"The convenience of it"

"I really like how fast they are. And I really enjoy the staff. Everyone there is very friendly and helpful."

"Your pharmacy is so fast and efficient. We actually drive to Clovis just to use your pharmacy. My mother started using your pharmacy after she witnessed, first hand, the quality of care you were giving to me. Partial orders accepted."

"Personable attitudes! Manners - they always use manners when speaking about my prescriptions."

"Great service!"

"Fast and courteous"

"The prompt service."

"Online refills"

"They are hometown people!"

"The friendliness and speediness of everything and everyone."

"Great people. Great service."

"The staff"

"They are AWESOME"

"Local personal service"

"No waiting to get prescriptions filled."

"Personalized services."

"That they are fast and nice"

"Hometown feeling. You make it a point to get to know your people and you have heart!"

"How quickly the staff tends to us and very friendly environment"

"They know me by name."

"I'm a new member but, Roden-Smith has had excellent service! Great staff!!"

"Great pharmacy!!!!"

"It's always fast and the drive through makes it even easier to get my prescriptions when I have my kids with me."


"The pharmacists and assistants all offer quality service. I feel confident that great care is taken, each time I fill a new or refill a prescription, to ensure that it is accurate and filled in a timely manner."

"All of the above."

"Very friendly and helpful"

"It's faster and friendlier than Walmart"

"The quick response to questions and concerns; they work hard to assist with insurance issues; they are extremely friendly and knowledgeable"

"The convenience of the app to refill my prescriptions"

"No big lines to wait in."

"Convenience and staff."


"Hometown values and customer service."

"It's clean, quick, and the staff is helpful."

"The team at Roden-Smith cannot be matched."

"Roden-Smith makes it very easy to fill and pick up meds."

You can help Roden-Smith Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!